“A Shift in Consciousness is the Solution”

A sense of personal wellness and deep abiding, genuine, beauty begin in the mind,… in our consciousness.

As impressionable young females we are bombarded with external stimuli that seek to influence our personal identification with beauty.  We are entrenched in media and advertising campaigns that sell beauty on every corner, and always objectify outward, physical beauty.

But what if in the grand pursuit of physical perfection we fail to see the beauty that is inherent within us?  What if at our core we don’t “see” or “feel “our own brand of beauty? 

Growing up in Southern California greatly influenced and shaped my adolescent perception of myself, which focused heavily on outward physical appearance.  It has taken conviction unwavering to recover my childlike acceptance of my value and an innocent sense of self adoration.  It’s far too important to find this center and self knowing for every woman and fortunately, it’s being discussed more and more in the mainstream, in the media, song lyrics and film.

Why is it important?  Recent findings in Quantum Physics are now repeating what spiritual and philosophical doctrines have known and shared for eons….What we think and how we feel about ourselves is quite literally an unspoken command for our body to respond accordingly.  What messages are you sending to yourself and what is your body reflecting back to you?

2 thoughts on ““A Shift in Consciousness is the Solution”

  1. Hi Tatiana! As I read this blog I started to think about the training sessions I provide to teen and young ladies about their self image and relationships. It always amazes me to hear how much power they give to others as it pertains to their self worth! It is great that you are providing insight into harnessing our own power and developing our own path in life. If we can get these young ladies to understand this concept early, WOW how dynamic their lives will be! I enjoy reading your information, keep it coming!


    • Yes Veronique! This is exactly my aim in writing and speaking engagements to young people who are experiencing so much evolution in their self-perception. A personal acceptance and appreciation of our own uniqueness and gifts is key. Thank you for your insights!


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