You are what you see,…. and you see what you are.

For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7.

While walking and talking with someone who is very dear to me this past weekend, I came to recognize how differently we viewed the world in our personal default mode.
We were headed in to see a movie and while pulling into an open parking place we realized that the space had an unlocked bicycle placed on its side, preventing a car from occupying the space. My friend immediately launched into speculations about the intelligence of the owner, why they would leave their bicycle in a vehicle parking place clearly unlocked and an easy target?

 That observation led into banter about the general lack of consideration that the bike owner had for others, which opened up and clearly revealed how selfish society has become as a whole, ending with speculations about what demise society might meet with such depravity being the rule of behavior.



While I am not blind, deaf and dumb, consider myself socially savvy and up on political and world events, I was still nonetheless sucker punched by the dire perspective of my friend.


After all, I had read at least a half-dozen inspiring status updates from a handful of my Facebook friends and colleagues that morning about positive attitudes and creating gratitude and joy in one’s life.  I had also been invited via social media to participate in charitable events serving those in need in our community.  There had been Ted talks and YouTube links on my “wall” about compassion and the advancing  awareness of human connection and the effect of that awareness on the world around us.  The very nature of my practice is service to others through the balancing of one’s energy for the most healthy and harmonious of existence.

Wasn’t the world around us getting better and more enlightened?  Weren’t we waking up, one being at a time and united in a desire to live more purposefully, passionately and vital?

Perspective.  It was and IS all about perspective my friend.

What we believe is truly what we will “see” in the world and the reverse is also true…. what we “see” will continue to reinforce what we chose to believe.  It is the essence of what we become!

My friend and I were viewing the same world with entirely difference lenses.  When I mentioned some of my observations of societal change,.. the video clips, the web-based initiatives and movements, the quotes and inspiring blogs, my friend flatly stated that he hadn’t “seen” any of that! 

We cannot view the world from a different perspective without changing the lens through which we see it.

How do we change that lens?  EASY!!!!

ALL thought from the moment we wake up to the world to the moment we lay our weary heads down to rest must be sifted through a filter called “GRATITUDE”. 

  1. Start your day with a rolling list of what you love about yourself.

  2. Lift yourself out of bed with acknowledgement about what precious souls you have to share your home, work, and life with.

  3. Take it from there with what abundance of food, transportation, access to necessities, medical care, and entertainment you have.  Those significant “niceties” are not readily available to over 70% of the human population!

  4. What else?  C’mon, think about it and when you find yourself gawking at how many things are a plenty in your world, you just may find that the world is looking just a little bit sweeter, kinder and more plentiful. 

Damn!  Isn’t it great to be human and alive?!!!

One thought on “You are what you see,…. and you see what you are.

  1. This is so true, Tatiana. My first employer (turned dear friend) told me, “you experience what you focus on, so focus on the positive”. This has been a mantra of mine ever since. While it is definitely easy to get sucked into fear and drama, living in a state of peace and gratification takes effort. It’s like working a muscle. Even though I consider myself to be a fairly positive person, I know I’m human. Which is why I am attending a 4-week appreciative living workshop starting tomorrow night! 😉

    Thanks for the inspiration!



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